I want to thank you again for the well organized and very informative Huna workshop! I’ve already attended many seminars and workshops, professionally and personally, but this one I liked especially!
Not only the content, also your handouts are perfectly structured and comprehensible. In addition, the laminated core statements on the boards ... very, very well done!
The venue, the food and breaks ... everything was perfect. Hope to see you again and a warm MAHALO & ALOHA 
Thank you for all your work in pulling us all together!! And Trevor and Lyndsay for bringing your special spirit as well!! It was truly an amazing and unforgettable experience!!! I plan to carry and use all Huna's teachings in my future journey!! Thank you all for your blessings, I will treasure them all and remember them when I need strength
Thank you Ingrid, Trevor and Lyndsay for these amazing 2 days full of love, care and support! It was a life changing experience!
I'm so blessed and raised up!!! Mahalo!!! :-)
Thank you very much for organizing this great workshop.
The atmosphere in the group, the contents, leading through the workshop by yourself and Trevor, all this was a real enrichment. I am already looking forward to the next time! 
This basic workshop provided detailed insights into the wisdom teachings of the seven principles of Huna shamanism. Theoretical knowledge and practical application complemented each other in a "reasonable" manner. The participants learn on this carefully prepared path of the heart, how to strengthen their own mental powers in an active manner. Highly recommended!
Especially the practical exercises at the workshop were often accompanied with a big AHA-experience. The trip on the timeline was exciting. Back to your first fear on which all the others are built.
After that, it feels like you';re complete and you can totally operate from the NOW. No part of you that remains "seated ', if you have made a decision or if you think about decisions, whether they were correct.
Thank you for your clarity and presence at this Huna workshop.
Greetings from Linz
The travel of about five hours was worth it. The two days had a surprisingly deep impact. The powerful energy has been lovingly and appreciatively carried by Trevor, Ingrid and also Lyndsay; not to
forget the whole wonderful group that was already very self responsible! I'm trying to integrate a lot in everyday life in connection with Ku, Lono and Aumakua. THANK YOU to all of you – pleased to
come again another time!
If you want to broaden your horizons and give your life a positive "twist", this Huna seminar is just right. I have also enjoyed the internationality of the participants a lot: to feel many people from different parts of the world, who have the same dreams, was a very beautiful experience.
Greetings, Marina
Thank you Ingrid for all the positive impulses and Huna spirit. I especially liked the meditations and practical sessions which were amazing. I already practise some of Huna's teachings which truly help me a lot and enrichen my life. Thank you for all the blessings, the love and the special spirit.
The Gersbergalm and Salzburg itself is really fantastic, much better places would not come to my mind even now! Because really everything worked! Also the way how you have organised everything previously, I will take you as an example for the future, if that’s ok!
Likewise, it was decorated perfectly, just enough Hawaiian.
The seminar itself was excellent considering the subject and the way you presented it. There were people with all kinds of backgrounds and Huna knowledge there, and I had the impression that you accomplished the feat to make a Huna introduction for "beginners" which also successfully gave an Alakai again food for thought (and even some new ideas). Well done!! I didn´t have the feeling that anyone was either overwhelmed or not challenged. Many practical experiences, very nice exercises and mediations, all wonderfully prepared and structured, without giving the impression of uncoiling a program. Also the handout contains aspects that I did not know, and I believe that it works as well for less versed people. I for myself will keep it well stored.
... continued

... continued ...

Not to be topped, of course, was your synergy, the harmony between you and the Courtneys. I didn’t feel for a moment you did it in this form for the first time, it all looked much more like the umpteenth time that you did it together. You were a great team, which also included Lindsay, though of course Trevor and you had taken over the main part. So everything did fit really great and you also managed to catch the attention of all participants, so that already at the latest on Saturday afternoon a small Ohana had formed. I'm sure everybody felt comfortable. A great idea was also to allocate tasks to participants such as timekeeper, gatekeeper,etc., that has immediately worked and also "broke the ice" very quickly - I know from many seminars that people sit back at first and watch from a save distance, but you integrated the people with those four official roles immediately. Wow!

... continued

... continued ...

About your very special, very personal and sensitive way I could now again write pages ... I think that was the essential point. There was much Aloha to feel all the time, and I could imagine that in ancient Hawai’i people were taught by similar teachers. In any case,

I"ve long not felt so good in a group!! I would join the whole seminar once again without hesitation!
I would like to thank again for everything, it has been really great, and I am infinitely grateful that I still could come despite all the adverse circumstances ... Mahalo nui


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